Horst Steen

Savoury Technologist

Horst Steen trained as a butcher with the main focus on “production of delicatessen and preserves”, before completing a cooking training during the army. In 1994, he continued his education and completed his education as a food technologist. His first activity in the food industry led him to the largest soup and ready meal producer, Erasco. Here he worked for 5 years as a product developer and gained extensive knowledge in the production of soups and ready-to-serve meals as well as sterilization, pasteurization, measurement of the F values. In 2002 he moved to the company G. C. Hahn & Co., later Tate & Lyle Food Systems. He gained extensive knowledge in the stabilization of food world-wide. His main focus is in the field of emulsified delicatessen products as well as soups, sauces and sterilized ready-to-serve meals.

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