Snack Cakes

Snack Cakes

We like to have our cake as a nice treat – in between as a snack or during a get-together with friends or family. Cakes come in plenty of different shapes and flavours. As people today are often time-pressured they are looking for a convenient treat that suits their personal requirements. This can vary from a luxurious treat, to a product that fits their diet from low fat, low sugar, gluten free or vegan.

Brownies are one example for the ultimate snack treat. Full of chocolate and often containing nuts, they are full of flavour and are a high calorie treat for consumers. There are many delicious products on the market and the question from manufacturers around that remains the same:

Is it possible to make such a famous treat lower in fat? Is a vegan option feasible? Is it possible to optimise costs with such a high-quality product?

Yes, it is. We have found functional ingredients that can match the creamy texture and help to achieve delicious products. They still feel like a treat and have a very good flavour release.

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