Technology Centre Germany


Technology Center Germany

This beautiful home of the Hahn family in Lübeck is now the heart of the KaTech business. Behind the historic facade is a hive of activity and high tech equipment, home to the KaTech head office and technical development suite, Germany.

Built around the open courtyard, guests can make use of the Technical facilities, tasting and meeting rooms.

Our pilot plant equipment is of the latest technology and is maintained to the highest quality and standards. We have a range of machinery which we use for testing, trialing and replication.

A major part of the new outfit is our UHT plant where we can simulate different technologies depending on our customer setup. We can do pasteurisation and UHT treatment using either tubular heat or plate heat technology also in combination with a high pressure homogeniser who can be used either up or downstream.

Our Technical centres are critical to developing customer oriented solutions. They are designed to receive customers to work collaboratively.

Our Technical centres give us a physical proximity to our customers which is essential to a good understanding of whats required.

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