The toppings for cakes can be glazes, icings or creams. They help to make the undecorated baked goods look more attractive to the consumer. The stability of the topping is essential, so it stays appealing over shelf life. Anything that is losing stability will look less attractive to the consumer and then be rejected by the market. Our role as a stabiliser company is to make sure that our customers’ product will always look amazing.


Glazes or jellies make products more appealing and can add a nice taste to the product. In order to stay on the product and not flow down, they need to have the right consistency when poured on the product. Our functional ingredients help to adjust the consistency to the production process.

Glazes and jellies can have a high amount of sugar. As sugar is badly received in the market, we have been working on new products with significantly reduced sugar content.

Dairy Cream

Dairy Cream is a very popular topping or filling for baked goods. Whipped cream gives a nice appeal to the product and adds a delicious taste to the product.

Our stabiliser systems help to keep the shape of the whipping over shelf life.

We have also gathered a lot of expertise of whipped dairy cream at different fat levels that are stable and have a nice mouthfeel.

Please get in contact with us if you want to find out more.

Vegetable Fat Cream

As dairy cream is not widely available in all markets, is altogether a very expensive product and has a negative reputation in the market, we have developed vegetable fat cream. It not only has the appearance of dairy cream but also the creamy mouthfeel at different fat levels. As a topping on baked goods it stays very stable and adds a delicious taste to the product

Since the production process of vegetable fat cream can be challenging we are happy to help you to achieve the right recipe for your production process.


The role of icings in baked goods is versatile. Icings help to keep the product moist over shelf life and help to prevent the detachment of decorations. They are important to reduce water activity so that the shelf life of the product can be secured.

Whatever your requirement with bakery toppings might be, please get in touch. We are here to help.

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