What would our life be without cake? These delicious treats bring slices of happiness into our lives. Looking at the many shelves in supermarkets, consumers seem to see it the same way. Over the years, food manufacturers have succeeded in producing the right products to meet the need for a snack between meals as well as the big celebration cake for special occasions with friends and family.

Just as food markets have always been affected by trends, so too has the bakery segment. The trends for sugar reduction, fat reduction, gluten free and vegan have had a major impact on the market lately.

Gluten free

Originally gluten free products were targeting consumers with coeliac disease. Nowadays more and more consumers feel that they are responding negatively to gluten and therefore try to avoid it in their daily diet. That is why the market for gluten free products has been growing significantly in recent years.

As people with gluten intolerance also like to enjoy an occasional treat, they are happy to see gluten free versions of their favourite cakes appearing in the market. In our development, we have worked very well on gluten free alternatives of traditional versions.

We have gathered a lot of experience with gluten free ingredients, how they react in a product and how they can be used to replace traditional ingredients in cakes.

Always with the aim to achieve a product that fulfils the requirements of consumers.

Vegan (plant-based) trend

Vegan has become one of the mega trends lately. As cake contains animal derived products that are not accepted in the vegan (plant-based) diet, we have developed products that are vegan and still satisfy the palate of the consumer.

Clean label

KaTech Scratch Plus clean label bakery concentrates have been developed using only the key functional ingredients need to product high performance stable bakery products and nothing else making them as clean as possible.

Allergen free

KaTech Scratch Plus Allergen free bakery concentrates have been carefully developed to make it possible to produce cakes and muffins with out the need for Gluten, Egg, Milk or Soy not only making them allergen free but also suitable for people who are following gluten free and vegan diets.

Reduced or removed egg

Other than to follow the vegan trend the reasons to remove egg can be plenty. It can be a requirement to being more independent of egg supply during egg shortage or to reduce the costs of the products.

As egg is an allergen it can be important to remove it for that reason too.

Also, egg is an expensive ingredient that has a big impact on the entire cost structure of a recipe. In our development we have faced the challenge to reduce or even to completely replace egg in cakes.

Sugar and fat reduction

The reduction of sugar and fat is challenging as these ingredients do fulfil an important role in the products. Not only taste wise, but they also affect the shelf life and the structure of the product. The right ingredients need to be found so that the eating quality of the product can be maintained.

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