The market for plant-based products has grown strongly in recent years. According to the global database Innova, this trend is expected to change the food market further for years to come.

The main reason that drive this trend is of course the consumer. Today, consumers is concerned about health, wellbeing, animal welfare and climate protection and therefore switch more often to plant-based food.

A wide variety of products is already available on the market. Many of them try to imitate traditional meat products. They are targeting consumers who are looking for convenient products that help them maintain their plant-based diets while eating their favourite dishes.

To be successful in the market, products must appeal to the consumer’s palates. Because of the variety of products on the market, today’s consumer has become much more critical. A product that does not meet expectations is easily rejected. Therefore, the biggest challenge for plant-based meat alternatives is to achieve the right eating sensation and meet consumer demands.

As KaTech has a wide range of experience in the different food sectors, we have developed products that can achieve the same eating experience as traditional products, but are based on plant ingredients. Because we have a wide variety of textural ingredients at our disposal, we can tailor them to the exact requirements of our customers. This means that not only can local preferences be met, but developments can also be adapted to the production processes at the food manufacturer.

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