Cakes or sponge cakes are very traditional and popular products that have been in the markets for many years. The products that fill the supermarket shelves come in different sizes, shapes, flavours and with or without layers or toppings. Be it a big cake for the family reunion or just a small snack for in between – everything is available and popular with the consumer.

Food manufacturers have been facing several challenges in recent years as market trends have had a big impact on the bakery market. On the one hand, the different megatrends like fat reduction, sugar reduction, gluten free or vegan have been and still are shaping the products that are being launched into the market. On the other hand, there are still plenty of people that enjoy their real treat and are looking for a product that is not only delicious but also fits into their need of convenience.

For food manufacturers there can be several challenges to overcome creating the product that fulfils certain criteria.

One, it is essential to get a consistent and the right batter viscosity for a smooth production process and continuous high-quality product.

Second, the ingredients that have the most impact on the price of the product are fat and eggs. By rebalancing part of these two ingredients with functional ingredients, that can mimic their functionality, the product price can be reduced significantly while keeping the same eating quality.

With individual KaTech Scratch Plus recipes we are able to deliver on both.

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