We don't just supply ingredients...we provide solutions.

Our Solutions

We don’t just supply ingredients…we provide solutions

At KaTech, we formulate a product and process specific solution designed to improve and add value to our customers’ recipe formulations. Our approach is to develop a portfolio of raw materials and complemented by our technical competence build a value based knowledge bank. It is through this knowledge and understanding of global raw materials that we are able to provide the best technical and commercial solutions available.

We have an extensive view of the complete raw material market and can offer completely independent views. This allows us to bring new raw material functionalities to market quickly and ensure that the supply is secure and cost effective.

We source and use the highest quality of raw materials and look to use both sustainable and ethical sources where possible. 

Our production site in Reinfeld, Germany is certified to the following standards:


So if you are looking to bring a new product to market, reduce associated costs, or have a problem product, KaTech can help.

Our Ingredients deliver…

By use of: Alginates, carrageenan, gelatine and pectins.
For use in: Dairy products, fillings, dressings, aerated products like mousse or cream toppings, fruit products or drinks.
Protein Protection
By use of: e.g. pectins, cellulose gum, MC, MCC.
For use in: Dairy products like acidified drinks (yoghurt, whey, buttermilk) or acidified desserts like yoghurt.
Mouth Feel and Viscosity
By use of: e.g. guar gum, LBG, xanthan gum, starches (native, physically or chemically modified), carrageenan, proteins (vegetable, dairy or animal).
For use in: All kinds of food in the dairy or savoury / deli sector.
By use of: The emulsifier family such as Datems, Lactems, Citrems, Mono-Di-glycerides, Polysorbates, PGE partly also from sustainable sources like mass balance or segregated
or natural emulsifiers like egg albumin, egg yolk (barn or free range), dairy (like caseinates, WPC, dried milk and whey products etc.) or vegetable proteins or protein isolates.
For use in: Savoury products like soups and sauces, dressings, mayonnaise or in the dairy sector for aerated/whipped products, cream products.
Whippability and Foam Stability
By use of: Gelatine, carragheen, lactems, starches, proteins, spray dried emulsifiers/compounds.
For use in: Mousses, fillings,(cream) toppings, any kind of aerated product.
By use of: Galactomannans (Guar, LBG, Tara Gums), starches, carragheenan, fibre.
For use in: All kind of food products.
Clean Label
By use of: e.g. Fibres (e.g. wheat, pea, citrus, oats), native and physically modified starches, pectins, proteins.
For use in: Desserts and all kind of dairy or savoury products.
Acid Regulation
By use of: Phosphates, citrates, carbonates, acetates, sulphates, chlorides, ascorbates.
For use in: A broad variety of dairy or dairy ingredient containing products for buffering or for savoury products for shelf life or taste.
Protein Enrichment
By use of: Caseinates, WPC, MPC, Milkpowders, milk/whey isolates, vegetable proteins/isolates.
For use in: Particularly for yoghurts, desserts.

All mentioned ingredients are available in many different grades, viscosities, particle sizes and also in organic quality as far as in compliance according to directive (EC) 834/2007 (no chemical modification, no GMO material). We have an implemented HACCP-system, strict allergen-management and all processes follow GMP and the requirements of IFS Food (6) and BRC Food (6) standards. It is self evident that our production site in Reinfeld/Wesenberg is GMO free.

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