Traditional jar mayonnaise has a long shelf life

Jar Mayonnaise

Jar Mayonnaise

‘Real’ jar mayonnaise is made with a high oil content which is mixed with water, eggs,  and vinegar to produce a delicious, creamy dressing. The eggs act as an emulsifier, while the vinegar acts as a preservative. Flavours such as mustard and garlic are then added. This traditional approach to making mayonnaise is high in fat and high in energy.

Mayonnaise’s popularity stemmed from its ability to allow high quantities of energy rich oil to be consumed in a palatable way, especially when spread on food. Traditional mayonnaise generally has an excellent shelf life due to the low water activity and pH. This makes it suitable for long life storage in jars, hence jar mayonnaise.

The traditional method of whisking oil into egg and water has, been replaced by vacuum manufacturing which excludes air and avoids the risk of the mayonnaise turning rancid.


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