Need to reduce costs?

Cost Optimisation

Even the most successful products reach a point in their life-cycle where they can come under cost pressure.

At KaTech, we understand the impact when your business is being tendered out to competitors, is under price pressure or raw materials display unexpected price volatility.

When these instances occur, your business is often thrown into critical activity in order to protect business from competitive threats or preserve margin.  KaTech is specifically geared to offer fast and robust support to you in order to mitigate these threats and offer choices as to your next move.  Our ability to deliver the same or similar end product quality using the same or similar declarations whilst still offering scope for cost optimisation is a key skill that our personnel have displayed over many years.

If you have a product under pressure from competitors, or you would like to improve your product profitability or manage your recipe away from problematic ingredients – please get in contact and our team will be happy to discuss a way forward.


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