Desserts may be indulgent on-the-go treats or end of family meal favourites


Desserts appeal to young and old alike with a huge variety of choice. In the past, Honey and nuts would form the basis of any sweet treat. Now, modern desserts can ape traditional desserts from times past or give consumers a taste form different parts of the world. The growth in ‘food culture’ also sees quite sophisticated desserts available that you would be pleased to order in a restaurant.

Puddings, trifles, mousse, pastries, Ice cream, Crumbles and Pies can all be classed as ‘dessert’.

Manufacturers must deliver great food as well as products that are affordable, which is not always easy. Competitive pressure means points of difference are hard to come by.

KaTech can help you develop great tasting and consistent products whether you are looking to develop a luxury high end product or a more cost effective variation.

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