Björn Pedersen

Dairy Technologist

After successfully training to become a dairy expert at Breitenburger Milchzentrale eG, Björn was able to gather comprehensive knowledge in the area of diverse dairy products. In 2008 Björn successfully passed a further training course to become a food technologist at the KIN Institute in Neumünster. Before and during this course Björn was able to acquire practical experience at the companies Symrise AG in Holzminden, G.C. Hahn & Co. Ltd. Mold, UK and at the company G. C. Hahn & Co., later Tate & Lyle Food Systems. As a dairy technologist, Björn was mainly responsible for the markets in Russia and former GUS states, the Middle East, the Balkan states and Germany. The experience and extensive knowledge of regional products he developed in those countries is now an invaluable asset to KaTech’s international customers and the development of future product concepts.

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