KaTech Strong in Vegan Product Development

KaTech in great demand for new product development due to growing market need

Using their expertise in stabiliser systems KaTech has successfully developed a wide range of vegan products to help food manufacturers launch high quality products for the growing vegan trend.
The vegan market has seen incredible growth in Europe during recent years. According to Mintel, product launches in the vegan category have reached two-digit percentages in countries like Germany.
Consumers are not only following the trend due to animal welfare but as well for health or environmental reasons. Similar to the vegetarian trend consumers choose to become pure vegan, flexible vegan or just exchange certain products for the healthier versions. This is giving the food manufacturers plenty of good opportunities for new product launches.
As a company highly responsive to emerging trends, KaTech has developed a wide range of vegan products for the food industry.
“We have seen a growing demand from food manufacturers for development in the vegan segment, “says Cyril Carrat, the Technical director of KaTech, “The consumer of today is less compromising on taste and texture and that is where we can show our expertise by developing products that represent a step-change in both quality and appeal . We have developed our understanding of vegan products in order to support our customers quickly in developing new products in that segment, using their preferred raw materials and process.”
The current focus for development in the vegan category cover yoghurt, desserts, drinks, cheese and cream products. In the finefood area the developments are vegan salad dressings, mayonnaises, sauces and spreads as well as vegan meat alternatives.
For more information on KaTech vegan solutions, please visit: https://www.khpartner.com/vegan

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