Food Navigator Article on Healthy Origin of Stabilisers

This article on is really interesting in terms of the aspects of the Stabilisers that many of us have known for a long time.  That is, the vast majority of Hydrocolloids and the wider field of Stabilisers are natural in origin, many with only minimal processing.

As an industry, we need to get better at conveying this message and counter the view held by Retailers and Consumers that E-numbers relate only to ‘Chemicals’ or ‘additives’ cooked up in a lab to the detriment of both good food and consumer health.

At KaTech, we focus on providing good food with the minimal amount of stabilisers required in order to meet the needs of food manufacturers and deliver safe, appealing food products.

Hydrocolloid thickeners and food additives have ‘good prospects’ in terms of potential marketing to consumers due to their natural origins and familiar sources, which make them ideal for marketing in cleaner label foods, according to new consumer research.

To read the article please click on the link below:

Industry must create ‘added value’ with natural hydrocolloid push: Researchers

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