Could Fracking Increase Guar Gum Demand

Another interesting article discussing the increased demand over the last few years for guar gum due to fracking. This has now resulted in an abundant supply of the crop and a drop in price per kilo.

Guar gum is derived from guar bean which is most commonly grown and traded from India. The product has a number of uses in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and paper. It is also used heavily in the drilling business; as a controlling agent in oil wells to facilitate easy drilling and prevent fluid loss.

So could fracking increase guar gum demand again? With the UK Government supporting fracking across the country, this could mean that guar gum could once again be in demand and we could see prices really starting to fluctuate.

Read the article here

To enhance texture and mouthfeel, guar gum can be used to thicken foods such as milk drinks and dressings. The guar gums we use at KaTech can offer medium to high viscosity and have no colour, smell or taste. Read about our ingredients here.


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