Alexander Maesse

Head of Development

Alexander Maesse has over 16 years experience in the food sector. In 2004 he has completed his studies for dairy food engineering at the University of Applied Science in Hannover as an Engineer. Before and during his studies he was employed in various dairy companies. He then worked for the company G. C. Hahn & Co. GmbH / Tate & Lyle Food Systems in Luebeck in the development as a food technologist and has gathered experience in various country markets. His focus is in the area of fermented and neutral dairy products as well as vegetable fat cream. From 2007 to 2011 he was head of development at G. C. Hahn & Co Ltd. in the UK, responsible for the country markets India, France, Spain and the UK. There, he has especially focused on clean label development, on which he gained extensive experience.

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