Sustainable Solutions



At KaTech, we are committed to creating a food industry which is more sustainable. We are constantly looking to improve our manufacturing processes and reduce the impacts from our operations and through our supply chain.

Our strategies include:

  • Listening to our suppliers and customers to fully understand our sustainability responsibilities
  • Flexibility to adapt to the changing environment

We align our sustainability strategies with our business objectives to ensure that targets are met.

We have an extensive view of the complete raw material market and as such, can offer completely independent views. This allows us to bring new raw material functionalities to market quickly and ensure that the supply is secure and cost effective whilst ensuring that the materials are sourced ethically without adverse impact on natural and human resources.

We use like-minded raw material suppliers who also have a commitment to providing sustainable food solutions. New raw material suppliers are subject to assessment before they are approved by KaTech. This process supports our pledge to help create a sustainable food industry.


We are committed to applying environmental management systems within our manufacturing facilities to enhance our efficiency and productivity. Our production site in Germany has achieved a number of certifications including:

  • Organic Production – Where possible we source organic ingredients; our production facility in Germany is inspected yearly to ensure we comply with the EU Regulation on Organic Agriculture
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) – Following a rigorous audit of KaTech’s supply chain, we have been awarded RSPO certification, providing customer assurance that our supply chains are secure, traceable and deliver sustainable products
  • Our production facility will be ISO 14001 certified in 2014 which will help us analyse the environmental performance of our operations and identify where we can make improvements

Our Sustainable Offering

At KaTech we understand our customers need to produce more sustainable products. Our business approach is to offer complete flexibility and adaptability and as we have no ties or binding contracts with suppliers, we can offer completely independent views on the raw material market. This ensures that we provide you with a supply solution that is secure, cost effective and sustainable.

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