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Ingredients List

Our comprehensive list of ingredients offers flexibility in production processes, quality and supply and results in providing food manufacturers with the highest quality products.

Alginates are polysaccharides derived from brown seaweed and are part of our hydrocolloids range. This natural product is ideal for thickening and stabilising food products such as cream toppings and fillings and other dairy products.
Carageenans are polysaccharide gelling agents, derived from red edible seaweed. Their binding and thickening characteristics are ideal for eliminating separation and improving the texture and viscosity in foods such as milk drinks, dairy desserts and fruit jelly.
Cellulose Gums
There are many different types of cellulose gums available on the market. They are one of the most common thickening agents used globally as they are easy to use, versatile and cost effective. We can source a number of cellulose gums with different viscosities, to provide various mouthfeels and textures to a range of foods from yogurts to mayonnaise.
Our emulsion based technology can provide food manufacturers with a range of benefits such as reducing costs by optimising product recipes and processes, responding quickly to market changes; need for low calorie or clean label, maintaining product quality, resolving production issues. Our large selection of emulsifying solutions includes vegetable oils, acids and glycerol. We also offer sustainable palm based emulsifiers to help food manufacturers develop a range of innovative greener products to suit their requirements.
Fibre is an important part of the human diet as they can benefit digestion and help with other health problems. We have a range of fine and coarse fibre solutions including those derived from wheat, pea, citrus and oats. These soluble and insoluble fibre solutions can add flavour to recipes and help increase fibre content with food products. We also offer gluten free solutions.
Derived from collagen from various animal byproducts, gelatine is most commonly used as a gelling agent in food products such as filling aids and sauces. We have a range of gelatine solutions which provide different characteristics depending on the desired product outcome.
Guar Gum
To enhance texture and mouthfeel, guar gum can be used to thicken foods such as milk drinks and dressings. The guar gums we use at KaTech can offer medium to high viscosity and have no colour, smell or taste.
Locust Bean Gum
Locust bean gum is derived from the seeds of the carob tree which is grown in the Mediterranean. At KaTech we use it to provide texture to a wide range of products. This natural product has a neutral taste and not only provides a creamy texture but also helps to reduce separation when used in dairy and fruit products. We have a range of solutions to suit your requirements; level of purity or granulation required or whether you require a hot or cold soluble solution, we can help.
The pectin solutions we offer are ideal for adding protein in low pH drinks and for adding creaminess in dairy products such as yogurts. Pectins are extracted from citrus peels and are a popular choice of stabiliser as they provide excellent gelling properties.
At KaTech we use a number of egg and milk proteins. Our egg protein solutions include free range and standard, yolk and albumen powder used for providing stability, gelling and binding. They provide exceptional milky flavour and excellent mouthfeel. Our milk proteins consist of, organic, lactose free, whey, buttermilk and skimmed with vegetarian options available. We can offer a range of solutions containing from as little as 11% up to 85% protein.
Starches are used in many different food products and act as thickeners or stabilisers.  We can source many different types of starches, including: modified and unmodified, functional native, functional flours and dextrins. Each starch solution offers different characteristics to match the desired product outcome; longer shelf life, texture improvement, flavour and mouthfeel enhancement.
We can provide sugar and sweetener solutions for all types of requirements including low and zero sugar content. Our sugars include fructose and dextrose and solutions are offered for a number of dairy drinks and desserts.
Xanthan Gum
Believe it or not, xantham gum comes from plants such as cabbage. The gum is produced by the biofermentation of a bacteria called Xanthomonas Campestris. It is most commonly known as a thickening agent and can be used in most food and drink products.

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